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1600 Carling Ave, Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 1B4, Canada
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Business and employment lawyer at Tierney Stauffer LLP in Ottawa, Canada.

Tierney Stauffer LLP
Tierney Stauffer is recognized as one of Ottawa’s leading mid-size law firms. Even though we have grown over the years. we are grounded in the essence of “who” we are and “where” we started. Having grown from a small, family-run law firm, we understand the importance of family, hard-work, and dedication. Our focus remains to work hard for the success of our clients and the firm, and to provide excellence in legal service.

Tierney Stauffer LLP’s roots go back to 1982 when our Managing Partner, Stephen Tierney, opened his law practice in Ottawa. Stephen’s brother Frank joined him in 1983, and their brother Dana entered the practice in 1986. In 1989, Ian Stauffer, a former classmate of Frank’s, left another firm to join the Tierney brothers, and Tierney Stauffer LLP was born.

What started as a small, family-run law firm has grown and flourished in the community for the last 29 years. The firm consists of 21 respected and talented lawyers who possess outstanding educational and community service backgrounds and have a wealth of experience in representing a diverse client base in virtually every substantive area of the law.

Lawyer - in a Law firm with 10-25 attorneys

Practice Areas:
Contracts, Business and Commercial Law, Employment Law

French, English, Italian, Polish, Spanish


Area served:
Ontario, Canada


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