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The Law Office of Brkic Nakic is croatian General Practice firm rapresenting a board spectrum of Corporate and Personal clients. Our Firm has a diverse and dynamic practice style which caters to the problems of our clients striving to provide best professional care and efficient couseling and representation in various aspects of civil law.
The Law Office Brkic Nakic is dedicated to advocating and defending the rights of our clients. We stress honesty, integrity and strength in our work as well as a dedication to giving our clients the best representation possible.
The Firm's founder, Milos Brkic, Started the Firm in 1968 with desire to create a practice that would emphasize the needs of the client, whether professional or personal, and provide a winning solution or strategy to issues presented.
Over the years the firm has grown in experience with two generation of lawyers honing their skills and combining continuous professional education with up-to-date business practices thus guaranteeing a top quality service.
Our experience has allowed us to successfully litigate, arbitrate and settle matters against opposing counsel in and out of the courts.

law firm brkic nakic

Lawyer - in Law firm with 2-10 attorneys

Practice Areas:
Contracts, Human Rights, Administrative Law, Civil Law, Business and Commercial Law, Bankruptcy Law, Real Estate Law, Divorce, Energy, Environment/Natural Resources, Accidents and Injuries, Property, Dispute Resolution, Wills, Pro Bono

English, Italian


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