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Chih-Jen read law at the University of Londonand graduated with honours in the year 2000. Thereafter Chih-Jen continued his legal education with the Malaysian Qualifying Board taking the certificate of legal practice or better known as CLP in the year 2001 and passed the following year. Having read in chambers in one of the oldest firm in Malaysia, Messrs Presgrave & Matthews in Penang, Chih-Jen commenced his legal practice in the as a litigator trying in civil, employment and insurance disputes. He continues his practice to this day in the main area of litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

Messrs Chih-Jen & Associates

Lawyer - in Law firm with 2-10 attorneys

Practice Areas:
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, Class Action, International Trade , Litigation, Contracts, Consumer Law, Employees' Rights , Administrative Law, Insurance Law, Banking Law, Civil Law, Business and Commercial Law, Constitutional Law, Employment Law, Communications/Telecommunication Law, Family Law, Bankruptcy Law, Real Estate Law, Corporate Law, Divorce, Construction Law, Accidents and Injuries, Internet, Labor and Employment, Personal Injury, Mediation, Property, Debt Recovery, Legal Malpractice, Professional Liability, Dispute Resolution, Occupational Safety and Health, Wills

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