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Ellafi Lawyers
La Fayette, Tunisi, Tunisia
Phone: +21655642586 Fax: +21671253051
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Ellafi Lawyers

Lawyer - in Law firm with 2-10 attorneys

Practice Areas:
Adoption Law


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ELLAFI LAWYERS Established in 1999 by Maitre Adel ELLAFI, the firm has evolved to become one of the leading commercial law firms in Tunisia. This law firm has acted in most important part of commercial, property, touristic, industrial… The firm also represents many national and multinational corporations in business sectors such as tourism, manufacturing, shipping, air transportation and services. The law firm has played an important part in the founding and growth of several major Tunisian companies and has also played an active role in assisting foreign investors in their ventures with Tunisian partners. As a result, it has developed distinctive expertise in these sectors and is one of the leading commercial law firms in Tunisia. In keeping with the firm's international orientation, many of the ELLAFI Lawyers’ lawyers and legal assistants speak at least one or more foreign languages, including English, French, and Italian. In addition, most of the firm's lawyers have had an extinctive exposure to one or more foreign cultures and legal systems such as the common law legal system. The ELLAFI LAWYERS firm represents a wide variety of clients, from large multinational corporations to small Tunisian and foreign family-owned business, as well as individuals. Legal fees are generally based on the amount of time devoted to the particular project. Each attorney and legal assistant has a particular hourly rate, which is set on the basis of seniority and level of experience. • Commercial law • Mergers and Acquisitions • Banking and Finance • Litigation and Arbitration • Partnership and Company Law • Trademark, Patent and Copyright Law • Contract Negotiation • Investment Law • Real Estate • Transportation Law • Maritime Law • General Counsel An important part of the firm's work involves the negotiation and drafting of various types of contracts in the above-mentioned fields of law as précised in the company’s profile. In addition to providing traditional legal services, the firm's members are known for their proactive approach and common desire to assist clients in finding innovative and creative solutions to difficult problems. The firm's reputation is based upon innovative and result-oriented services. We strive to balance the minimization of legal risk with commercially sound and cost-effective resolution of legal problems. During its existence, the ELLAFI LAWYERS has in fact demonstrated its ability and prestige in being recognized inside and outside the Tunisian boundaries.


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